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Homeschool testing - A secret to great teaching

Jaime Escalante discovered the secret!

Jaime Escalante discovered the secret!In 1974, Jaime Escalante took a job at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles, California. He found himself in a challenging situation: teaching math to troubled students in a rundown school known for violence and drugs. While some had dismissed the students as "unteachable," Escalante strove to reach his students and to get them to live up to their potential. He started an advanced mathematics program with a handful of students.

Jaime Escalante wanted some kind of tool that would tell him if he was being successful at teaching. After considering this question, he decided he would rely on outside testing. He knew if he created the test or knew the questions on the test, he would find himself teaching to the test and make the test results meaningless.

His decision was to use the AP Calculus test as a Measuring Stick for his success as a teacher.

How successful was he? 

In 1982, Escalante came into the national spotlight when 18 of his students passed the challenging Advanced Placement Calculus exam. The Educational Testing Service found these scores to be suspicious, because all of the students made exactly the same math error on problem #6, and also used the same unusual variable names. 14 of those who passed were asked to take the exam again. 12 of the 14 agreed to retake the test and all 12 did well enough to have their scores reinstated. In 1983, the number of students enrolling and passing the A.P. calculus test more than doubled. That year 33 students took the exam and 30 passed. That year Escalante also started teaching calculus at East Los Angeles College. By 1987, 73 students passed the A.P. calculus AB exam and another 12 passed the BC version of the test. This was the peak for the calculus program. 

Benjamin Franklin Academy discovered the secret!

Benjamin Franklin Academy discovers the secret!As campuses for the Benjamin Franklin Academy opened up all over the country, and the parents saw the excitement their kids were showing for learning, the parents began to wonder if true learning was really happening or if the kids were just having fun.

The school began giving the GED tests to the students at the beginning and ending of each semester to see if there was any kind of change taking place. The results were breathtaking! Many students were increasing 1 grade level each semester. Students were even doing better in subjects like Physics, which were not even being taught.

There was a concern about the "political correctness" of the test. The school was giving the test to 12 year olds, and they did not want to bombard the students in a testing environment with progressive concepts of feminism, socialism, environmentalism, and overpopulation. They did not want them reading literature passages from twisted and broken books when there are so many healthy classics to choose from.

The solution was simple, we were asked to write politically incorrect GED tests. Our tests were just as effective as the GED tests and made it possible to show the continued success of the Benjamin Franklin Academy.

Homeschooling Moms are discovering the secret, too!

Homeschooling Mom's are discovering the secret, too!We built this website to share this secret with homeschooling mom's, like yourself!

Remember, the purpose of homeschool testing your children is to help YOU improve as the teacher.

You can give the tests to your children once a year or three times a year, depending on how frequently you want to see the differences.

The test will show a percentage and grade level in 28 categories. You will be able to see which categories your child is progressing in, and which ones you need to emphasize more.

Our GED test, which we call HSGED, will also let you know when your child is close to taking the accredited GED test, which is called the High School Equivalent test.

Homeschool testing will give you peace of mind!

Download a homeschool test and find out what grade level your children are at today. It will give you and your children peace of mind to know how they are performing. When you test them at the end of the year, they will be excited to see the improvement they are making.

Then sit back and relax and enjoy the wonderful experience of homeschooling your children. It is a journey you will treasure all of your life!

Exciting journey of homeschooling!

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