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Academic Diagnostic Testing for Homeschools and Private Schools

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Do I need to buy a program to unzip the downloadable tests?

Click here to download Pkunzip7.

Do I need to buy a program to view the downloadable tests?

No, the Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for FREE! We have a link available on the download page to help you download the reader if you do not already have it on your personal computer. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat.

Can another child in my family reuse a downloadable test?

Yes, as long as the test stays within the family or within the private school purchasing the test. We ask that you do not share this test with another family or school. We've done our best to keep the cost of purchasing the test very low. And we have ideas for more tests. But it takes money to develop more tests, so we ask your patience in this matter.

What is included when you order the downloadable booklet?

When you order a downloadable booklet, you will receive the test booklet, test instructions, and an answer form. You can reprint these every time you have a student take this test.

How do I grade the test?

When you have purchased the grading, you will be emailed another password for grading tests. Return to the website,, click on Grade Tests, then enter your email address and the password we emailed you for grading tests.

Can I grade the test?

Grading a test online is simple. You enter the answers of the student twice and press the submit button. It is that simple.

What results will I see when I grade the test?

You will see the number possible, correct, wrong, and skipped in each category and subcategory. You will also see the equivalent grade level.

What is the difference between the three versions?

The content varies slightly so that the student can take Version A, then Version B, and finally Version C and compare the results to see if the student is improving.


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