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Academic Diagnostic Testing for Homeschools and Private Schools

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Image1Do you need a way to measure the progress of your students who are home schooled or private schooled?

In years past, Mom's had a special wall in their kitchen where they marked the growth of their children over the years. Each year they were able to chart the growth of their children using a consistent "Measuring Stick".

tmsWe provide an "academic"  Measuring Stick giving parents and educators information about the academic and grade level of each student. This Measuring Stick does not change from year to year. It is a standard you can trust. We have been administering these tests since 1995 - and we plan on being here for many years to come!

Our tests will also help prepare your student for taking the GED or High School Equivalent test. Each time your student takes our "HSGED", you can see how close they are to passing the test. To pass the GED, a score of 60% is required in each of the 28 categories.

And the best part is our tests are "politically incorrect"! They promote Judo-Christian family values.

Testing your students is as easy as following these three steps:

step1 step2 step3

Administer the test to your student.

Enter the answers online.

Evaluate the online test results - they are available in a few minutes!


Begin now by buying a downloadable test booklet and online grading. Each family or school only needs to buy each downloadable test booklet ONCE, and it can be reused. Choose which test will meet your needs:

  1. HSGED test Ages 14 and above, grades 9 and above

  2. Senior Elementary Test Ages 11 to 13, grades 5 to 8

  3. Junior Elementary Test Ages 7 to 10, grades 1 to 4


If you want to read more information about our tests, click one of the links.
  1. HSGED test Ages 14 and above, grades 9 and above

  2. Senior Elementary Test Ages 11 to 13, grades 5 to 8

  3. Junior Elementary Test Ages 7 to 10, grades 1 to 4


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